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Welcome Back!

Pathways to College is proud of our Alumni Family!

We spend several years with you as Pathways to College Scholars during high school and you will always be an important part of the Pathways family. We know that you’d like to continue Showing Some Love and Giving Back, so let’s stay in touch.

Let’s start here

Let us know how to stay in touch with you and keep us updated as you achieve educational, career, and life milestones. Whether you’d like to reconnect with each other, serve as a speaker for young Scholars, or show your support for Pathways in other ways, we’re here to help.

QUESTIONS? Reach us at alumni@pathwaystocollege.org

With abundant thanks to Elijah (Class of 2016) and Saul (Class of 2008) for their hard work as co-founders of the Pathways to College Alumni Family.

Why stay in touch?

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