An extensive pool of talent exists in the under-served communities in our country. We know that far too many young people who live in these communities, beset by lack of information and encouragement, lose hope.


Yet, they have dreams of achievement and abilities that are sorely needed. These students CAN become academically motivated; they CAN stay in school, become productive workers, complete college and graduate school, and become the next generation of leaders that our communities and our country must depend upon for prosperity and peace. Education is the key to changing their lives, and in so doing, safeguarding our future.

Changing lives. That is the ultimate mission, goal and challenge of Pathways to College.

James: A teaching legacy

“I try every day to embody Pathways values, by making sure the kids in my class feel at home.”

Fathia: Learning to take charge

Scholar Ambassador

“Before I became part of Pathways, I was really lost in the college process.”

Ike: A change in motivation

“Pathways taught us something we couldn’t learn anywhere else.”

Erick: Unlocking another strength

National Scholars Program

“I’d never thought of myself as a leader.”

Fatimoh: Demonstrating the values of the Ophelia J. Berry Excellence Award

Empathy, active concern and caring for others? Check. Commitment to excellence and willingness to work hard to meet and exceed high standards? Check.

Brian: Building the best support system for college success

“I’m going [to college] with a group of people I’m tight with and we motivate each other.”

Gabrielle: Connecting to STEM practitioners

National Scholars Program

During Pathways sessions, Gabrielle says she got some insight into the medical field through virtual visits by traveling nurses.

Francisca: Advisor to her peers

“Pathways taught me to have the courage to speak up for myself and to speak in front of people and have confidence.”

Jalen: Growing as a leader

Scholar Ambassador

“I feel like I have a chance now to help Scholars reach their goal of going to college.” 

Ahdriana: Practical guidance to support her career quest

National Scholars Program

She was elated that after she was accepted as a Pathways National Scholar, a Pathways teacher recruited a nurse to be a guest speaker in a class session.

Taneeyah: 9th grade makes all the difference

National Scholars Program

Some adults outside Pathways say that 9th grade isn’t as important for college admissions as other academic years. But Taneeyah didn’t listen. Instead, she heeded the opposite advice from her Pathways teachers.

Santiago: Seizing a new responsibility

Scholar Ambassador

When Pathways to College recently selected him to join seven of his peers as a paid Scholar Ambassador, it represented, in one way, the 16-year-old junior’s journey from a shy, unassuming student into a leader.

Coral: A courageous choice

Coral’s courageous choice may very well have been inspired by a lesson she says her Pathways teachers at her Connecticut high school reinforced after she became a Pathways Scholar in 10th grade and started thinking about what colleges she wanted to apply to: “Keep your mind open.”

Isaac: A global reach far beyond his students and siblings

Elevating students to a position in which they can compete on a level playing field is what’s currently driving Isaac, who, beginning in 7th grade, taught himself computer programming, after his family couldn’t afford to pay to fix his game console.

Lauren: Dreaming bigger dreams

“In all the Pathways materials mailed to me, I felt special. It was counter to the messages I was getting at school. I truly credit Pathways for dreaming alongside me and even dreaming bigger dreams than I had for myself.”

Calvin: A mission ignited by caring Pathways teachers

“That’s just like the Pathways teachers. They knew our population, background, community and were good at connecting with us. Sometimes in Pathways, we just needed someone to talk to.”

Sumwen: Finding that something extra

Sumwen found herself setting an example for her younger Pathways peers. As a high school senior she said, “I’m able to help them prepare for their senior year.”

Denzel: With him every step

Denzel’s two closest high school friends were Pathways Scholars and he says the bond the three of them forged during those sessions has been unbreakable.

Raven: Embracing found family

Even sheltering in place during the COVID-19 pandemic could not stop this high school junior from developing her keen eye for visually capturing landscapes.

Saul: Expanding his horizons

He treasured knowledge, but knew he had to — against his own wishes — adopt an outwardly “hard” façade to survive his peers’ bullying.

Lauren: Becoming “the responsible one”

She always knew her senior year would be challenging, but not in the ways she expected. Like millions of other high school students, when Lauren had to begin a school year remotely, she was determined to avoid the all-too-easy pitfalls of slacking off.

Jaevon: Developing the college mindset

In high school he was, in many ways, an unusual student. Jaevon was well-rounded and possessed many gifts, but had many unconventional interests.