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My Country, My Life Even Without Sovereignty

Aishat O., West Side Campus, Grade 9

Nigeria, my country, my life
Freedom is a slave without an owner,
Or a person without a passport;
Not having a care in the World.
Today, I am red, tomorrow green,
When am I going to be stable?
Corruption today, violence tomorrow.
Even I am one of the most populous countries in Africa,
white banners Green-white-green flags flail;
In the airstrips that promise loyalty and honor, faith
Asleep, every negro dreams about the wellness of Nigeria
Awake, every negro thinks about how to stop corruption,
Every citizen struggles and fights for their freedom,
They live in poverty and,
Even wish to attend school,
So they will be able fight away poverty.
But not to think about the politicians,
They embezzle the country‘s money.
Nigeria, when are you going to rise up against corruption?
But with all that is happening in my country,
Nigeria will be my country forever.
But one day I know, someone will rise,
And fight for the freedom of Nigeria.
I know All Nigerians once lived with freedom
But now everything has turned upside down.
Nigerians leave and are still badly crippled by
the manacles of segregation and the chains of discrimination.
One day, Nigeria will be a great beacon.
And will come out as a joyous daybreak, and bring an end to the long night of our captivity.
All Negros will be free,
And Nigeria will be free again.
Nigeria was once free,
And will be free again.


Top Universities Meet Pathways Students in Gary, Indiana

The unique partnership between Pathways to College and the Gary Community School Corporation made headlines again. On May 12th Pathways brought 13 top Universities to Gary for a day long College Expo. College representatives introduced their institutions, provided first-hand information about the college search process, shared campus materials and participated in question and answer sessions with students and their parents at West Side Leadership Academy, Wirt/Emerson Visual & Performing Arts Academy, and their parents.

Colleges at the Expo included Fisk University; Hampshire College; Indiana University Bloomington; Indiana University Northwest; Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana; Michigan State University; Northwestern University; Oberlin College; Purdue University Calumet; Smith College; University of Chicago; University of Notre Dame and Wesleyan University.

The goal of the Pathways to College Expo was to introduce Gary’s students and parents to a select group of colleges and admissions officers in an environment conducive to personal interaction.

Pathways to College President, Judith Griffin believes, “It is important to encourage all students to see themselves as attractive potential applicants in whom colleges are interested.”

In return, she is confident that the Expo confirmed Gary, Indiana, as a viable area for identifying and recruiting qualified and interested students.

About the Partnership:
The Pathways to College/Gary Community School Corporation partnership is designed to expand the number of high school students in Gary attending and graduating from colleges and universities.

Pathways to College works after school with eight teacher/leaders and some 150 students in grades 9 – 11, known as “Scholars.” The mission of Pathways to College is to provide intensive, individualized coaching to help these students become the best college applicants, students and graduates they can be, and, through their example, encourage interest in college completion, school-wide.

The partnership’s first public event was a free showing of the film “Selma” at West Side High School hosted by the Pathways Scholars from West Side and Wirt/Emerson and open to the entire Gary community.

The work of Pathways to College is based on the conviction that the best measure of college readiness is college success and that expanding the number of citizens who hold college degrees or high-value certification equivalents is a critical step in establishing the economic and social health of any community.


Providing students with the information, guidance and support they need to become the best high school students, college applicants, and college students they can be.

Pathways to College

Pathways to College is the inspiration, motivation and hand up that helps bright young children of color realize their college aspirations. Educating our children has become a national crisis. Budget cuts and over-dependency on test scores have crippled many public schools, negatively affecting our society, crushing children’s dreams and our hopes for our country’s future. Yet, in even our most challenged school districts pockets of programmatic excellence can be found.

Pathways to College is one of those pockets of excellence. We provide a clear path for motivated students, guiding them through the college admissions process from application to campus visits to finding both the right college and the financial assistance needed. Along the way, we help our students become class leaders who motivate their peers, encourage academic excellence and help make their schools the best they can be.

We invite you to explore our website. Get to know us, our work and the students we serve. Introduce us to your friends, and to families whose children we can help. Pledge your support. Together, we can, and will, change children’s lives.


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