• Encouraging Courageous Leadership

Our Mission

Pathways to College is an after-school program providing information, guidance and support to help our target population become the best high school students, college applicants and college students they can be to prepare for lifelong success. Although we welcome all students of color, we focus on under-served African American high school students, whose potential has been marginalized for generations.

Our Vision

Pathways to College will expand the pipeline to college for African American and other high school students of color, and will serve as a major thought leader in how to prepare these students for success in college and in life.

How We Are Fulfilling Our Mission

Identifying potential and developing leaders in under-represented populations remains a critical challenge in our society. A key way to address this challenge – and the challenge of overall school performance – is strengthening students’ ability to win admission to and succeed in the best possible colleges, given their interests and abilities. We are doing this in the following ways:

  • Creating a nationwide, networked community of high-achieving students of color.

  • Assisting these students, with their families, to become knowledgeable, attractive college applicants, students and successful graduates.

  • Partnering with colleges, schools and communities for the ongoing and consistent encouragement and support of these aspiring and able children.

  • Building on the examples our students and teachers set, helping foster and support a school-wide cultural change that emphasizes academic and career achievement.