Pathways to Teacher Development

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From a pool initially identified by students, we hire up to four of the most effective teachers in each participating school. These teachers provide coaching support, targeting the critical life skills and intellectual habits of mind that research tells us are essential to prepare for and succeed, academically and personally in college and beyond.

Our program includes a strong professional development component for the Pathways teachers, most of whom find the Pathways approach new and all of whom find it exciting. Ongoing professional development activities encourage and enthuse our teachers, who utilize methodologies, materials, ideas and successes not only in their daily teaching assignments, but also share them with their colleagues. Our goals for teachers include developing teamwork, motivation and mentoring skills; actively encouraging and rewarding creativity and innovation, and creating a setting in which all members of the Pathways to College family – Scholars and teachers alike — are listened to and treated with respect and consideration.

As one teacher wrote to us: I love doing the lessons and getting to know our Scholars. Hearing about their backgrounds and dreams in an informal setting has reminded me of why I went into education in the first place. It is very rewarding for me not only professionally, but also personally.

Pathways Professional Development sessions commence in August and continue periodically during the school year.

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