Pathways to Leadership

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We ask and expect our Scholars to become “courageous leaders” – in school, at home and in their communities. We work at preparing them to do so by providing experiences that not only help them to succeed in high school and college, but also help them encourage real change in their worlds. They learn to analyze, to think critically, to develop plans and set goals. They learn critical thinking, speaking, writing and real-world problem-solving skills; they develop self-confidence and a sense of purpose.


Their successes provide opportunities for these students and their teacher-coaches to raise the aspirations and expectations of their peers. Combined with their success in college, our Scholars can begin to positively impact the culture of the entire school. Together, the team of teachers and students become primary agents for changing the school atmosphere to one in which more and more students see the potential inherent in pursuing a college education. In Pathways high schools, slowly but steadily, it becomes “cool” to be smart.”

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