Coaching and Mentoring

Pathways to College teachers employ intensive individual and group mentoring/coaching activities to assure the Scholars’ success in several key areas, for:
  • Personal development, to increase students interest and participation as school leaders.  They help students to identify and seek leadership positions; to establish eligibility and apply for honors, awards and scholarships, and to engage with their peers to inspire and encourage academic excellence.
  • College access and persistence to graduation, including  college exploration, selection, application, entrance and completion. Students are coached to explore career opportunities, to seek access to role models, to be good mentees and to serve as mentors to others, and to reach for competitive college admission when seeking their “personal best college.”
  • Skills critical to academic and career success, such as studying, goal setting and achievement; strategic thinking, writing, speaking and presentation skills; learning and research; and becoming well informed and aware “citizens of the world.”