Teacher Voices


I love the relationships we build with the kids.  The kids who come all the time love Pathways to College and need it.  It really is a community that gives all levels of kids a chance to realize their dream.” – Brian D. (East Side High School) Newark, NJ

Personally I feel that this is the “secret sauce” when it comes to helping students of color succeed in college.  I love observing the Scholars engage in lively discussions that would not have otherwise occurred.  It’s been beautiful watching the students blossom into critical thinkers.” – Marvin T. (Hillhouse High School) New Haven, CT
I am inspired by my love and belief in my Scholars.  I desperately want the best for them.  I am also perpetually inspired by the design and mission of Pathways to College as an organization – because I believe Pathways to College holds the answers that so many brilliant, ignored students are yearning for.   – Regan M. (Southwestern High School) Detroit, MI