Friends’ Voices

Pathways to College changed our school. . . (it) impacted the entire school body because it created an atmosphere of scholastic pride . . . The program’s dominant presence in our school was unusual because academic extracurricular programs often don’t have such eager participation. . . I see no reason why a superintendent would not invite and then keep the program in any school district.  John O. Jacob – (Retired Principal, Pine Bluff High School)
Last May, you really “twisted my arm” to get me to come to Detroit . . . there was no better way I could have spent my time than to be with the Pathways program . . . I don’t think I’ve ever had a more engaged and caring audience in over 20 years of admission presentations.  You were able to identify a group of students who can really take advantage of the special opportunity Pathways provides.  You’ll never have to twist my arm again!   Audrey Smith – Dean of Enrollment, Smith College